Executive, Leadership and Management Coaching

We believe that coaching is an excellent tool for improving both individuals’ and teams’ performance. We base our approach on reliable models of coaching including the GROW model and solutions focussed models such as OSKAR and PRACTICE. We use non-directive approaches and have found this to be an effective way of helping people to reach their goals.  We keep up to date with current thinking and attend supervision for our development.

Recent coaching assignments have included leaders and managers from Higher Education Institutions and has involved the use of a 360 tool. We have a number of individual clients who range in roles from self-employed consultants, middle managers and executive leaders.

We agree coaching contracts with our clients either on a one to one basis or when appropriate this can involve a three-way agreement between the coach, their organisation and the coachee. The duration of the coaching contract varies and can be as little as one session although most coachees value a run of 4 or 5 sessions in order to support them to achieve their goals. 

Both Lisa and Sandra are known for their ability to build effective relationships with the coachees and to deploy their vast range of tools and techniques to help their coachees unlock their potential.

In addition to this coaching work, we run ILM qualifications in Coaching and Mentoring.

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Leadership Development

Leadership Skills

We offer a whole range of development solutions to help you and your team to become better leaders. Our approach is to differentiate the content of our programmes depending upon the leadership level. We find that new team leaders or aspiring managers have a thirst to learn ‘how to’ lead and manage. We notice that middle managers want to find out more and build upon their experiences. Executive leaders and directors want to to explore new approaches and be sure that their organisations are able to use the theories and concepts that we offer. Typically we provide the following (but not limited to):

  • For aspiring managers: an introduction to team leading skills including an exploration of the role of a team leader and different leadership styles, how to plan and organise workload, 
  • For middle / experienced managers: how to deal with challenging performance issues, how to have difficult conversations, how to problem solve and make difficult decisions.
  • For Executive / Senior Leaders: how to lead strategically, how to lead to achieve organisational goals and objectives and how to harness innovation. 

ILM Accredited Courses

We are able to run courses accredited by the Institute of Leadership Management, so that your development programme can be recognised with a valued external qualification. For more information please see our ILM Programmes page.

Action Learning Sets

We facilitate small groups of managers to share and learn from their experiences. This helps them to review their practices and improve their effectiveness, whilst being supported in a safe learning environment. Feedback shows that action learning sets have helped individuals to feel less lonely in positions of seniority. Action learning sets can work well for managers from different departments of an organisation or even for managers from different businesses.

Diagnostic Tools

We are licenced to use a range of leadership psychometric questionnaires including:

The ILM 72 Leadership Styles Questionnaire
The ILM72 is a reliable psychometric measure which assesses two important elements:

  • Leadership Style
  • Leadership Effectiveness in terms of Leadership behaviour

This is the result of a major study carried out by AQR in association with the ILM. It looked at over 50 leadership models and found that all had their origins in the same components. All leaders adopt a preferred way of working. There is no right or wrong style. We know that style is situational. Usefully ILM72 profiles can be aggregated to form a picture of the leadership style of a group.

Mental Toughness Questionnaire
We are licensed to use AQR’s Mental Toughness questionnaire

Published research and case studies form around the world show that Mental Toughness is a major factor in:

  • Performance – explaining up to 25% of the variation in performance in individuals
  • Positive Behaviour – more engaged, more positive, more “can do”
  • Wellbeing – more contentment, better stress management , less prone to bullying
  • Aspirations - more ambitious, prepared to manage more risk

It is important in almost all work applications. For instance studies show a close link between mental toughness and managerial level.  This questionnaire provides a reliable assessment of mental toughness from which a development programme can be delivered.

Strengthscope® is the world’s most complete and innovative strengths profiling system that measures work related strengths. Strengthscope® can help organisations to energize peak performance and engagement by releasing the power of employees’ strengths.

When used as part of a strengths-based development program, the profiler and supporting tools and resources can significantly improve performance, motivation and confidence, during good times and in times of pressure.

The Myers Briggs Type Indicator is an effective tool for leadership development. It helps individuals to develop their self-awareness and so develop effective leadership approaches. This can add value at all levels of leadership in an organisation. The MBTI can also be used for team building and in change situations

360 degree feedback
We are licensed to use an on-line 360 questionnaire that can be populated with tailor made measures to suit your organisation (can be linked to your competency or behavioural framework) or we can use standard 360 measures based on management competencies.  We gather feedback from peers, team members and senior managers and compile a report. This is a very useful way to gain a rounded view of how one is perceived by others and can indicate areas that need developing.

Career Guidance

With over 40 years of experience between us in human resources, we can provide one-to-one sessions to help you identify your career aspirations and the steps you need to take to realise them. As part of this service we are able to offer Testing the Water, a psychometric tool assessing suitability for self-employment.

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Team Development

Team Building

Once we have found out how your team currently operates and why there is a need to ‘build’ it, we design an event that really focuses on the key issues for the team and that will help it to function effectively in the future, build on strengths and face difficulties. We encourage the participation of all of the team’s members and events can include working in pairs or small groups to complete hands-on problem-solving exercises and tasks.

Managing Organisational Change

We can support you and your team through change from the very beginning when the need for change is identified, to designing the future shape of the organisation, managing the consultation process and winning the hearts and minds of the team.
Team effectiveness We can assist you to assess the contribution of each role in the team and to measure team members’ real outputs. Results of this process can include redistributing workload, reviewing job roles and identifying new ways of working smarter rather than harder.

Communication Skills

As communication skills are at the heart of so many aspects of work, we take time to understand how communication currently works in your organisation and what improvements you would like to see. We then design skills development to equip people with techniques that are appropriate for their role and your culture. Our courses enable the development of assertive communication, focused on a positive outcome for all parties. We are able to support the resolution of conflict through improved communication and performance management.

Customer Service

We draw upon our background in retail management to offer some helpful insights into customer care and ways in which your internal and external customers can be delighted with the service they receive.

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HR Support & Resourcing

HR Support

Policy Development & Training
We can either write new policies for you, or review and update existing polices in line with current employment legislation and best practice.  Before we do so, however, we need to gain an understanding of the culture of your organisation, so that the new policies reflect your core values.   

Wherever possible and appropriate, we facilitate focus groups of staff from different parts of the organisation.  The aim of these groups is to encourage employee participation by discussing the policies whilst they are being formulated.  This results in a smoother transition to the new policies and better acceptance by employees. To support the new policies, we can also deliver briefing sessions for members of staff and provide skills workshops for line managers, so that they are able to fulfil their responsibilities under the new policies.

Example policies include appraisal, performance management, disciplinary, grievance, recruitment & selection, induction and absence.


Recruitment & selection
We have extensive experience of all aspects of recruitment & selection, ranging from job analysis, writing job descriptions, person specifications and advertisements, to short-listing, designing interview questions and assessing job suitability using a range of different selection methods. 

Assessment and Development centres
Often used to identify talent for the future, assessment centres feature assessment methods such as presentations, work-based assessment, role-plays, coaching exercises and time-bound problem-solving activities. Through assessment centres, we can help organisations identify individuals capable of becoming future leaders.  We can then develop custom development plans to equip them with the skills and experiences they need to fill new positions. 

Psychometric testing
We are qualified Level A and B assessors registered with the British Psychological Society and can offer you a range of assessment tools that can be used for development purposes or for selection. These include numerical or verbal reasoning tests to assess aptitude and personality-trait profiles to assess personality. We always offer feedback to the individuals who take the tests.

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